Bothwell Christian Fellowship

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About Us

The Bothwell Christian Fellowship is a community of believers serving the community of New Bothwell, Manitoba.  Our purpose is to bring glory to God by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to see people reconciled to God, thereby strengthening the church of Christ.  Our church is a member of the Chortitzer Mennonite Conference.

We invite you to join us as we worship our Lord and Saviour together.  Come and see what God has in store for you.

Our History

Blumengard ChurchThe origins of the Bothwell Christian Fellowship date back to the arrival of Mennonites from Russia who settled the area in the 1870`s.  Many of the smaller villages such as Blumengard, Silberfeld, Kronsthal (New Bothwell), and Hochfeld held weekly services at local meeting places or in various homes.  In 1944, a brand new church was constructed just south of Silberfeld in order to replace the smaller churches and better serve the spiritual needs of the people in the area.  Silberfeld was chosen because it was considered to be a central location at the time.

Silberfeld CMC (c. 1957)The Silberfeld Church served the area from 1944 to 2012.  Sunday School began in 1949 and youth programs were added in the 1970`s.  During that period, there was a gradual transformation of the church as styles of music and dress changed, and the use of English replaced Low German.  What did not change was the sense of community and the emphasis on salvation through Jesus Christ alone.  Many leaders were trained here and and went on to pastor in other churches or work in the mission field.  Many others remained behind to be teach the next generations and minister to the surrounding community.

Silberfeld CMC 2004During the 1990's, the need for another major expansion or a new building became apparent.  Since the Silberfeld church opened in 1944, the smaller villages surrounding the area disappeared and were replaced by larger towns, the nearest being New Bothwell, 3.5 miles to the southwest.   New Bothwell had become the church`s primary ministry base and this prompted the idea to relocate to there.  In 2005  the decision was made to step out in faith and go ahead with the building project.  Land on the southside of New Bothwell was donated by a church member and planning commenced. 
Construction on the first phase of the new building began in summer of 2011 and the Bothwell Christian Fellowship in New Bothwell opened in October 2012.